A tribute and memorial site dedicated to:
The Morgue Haunted House

The Morgue

Haunted House
1222 W 12th Street
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Formerly known as:
The Main Street Morgue
Famous for having Kansas Cities Fastest slide, being the oldest haunted house in the US, and having rock-n-roll entertainment while you wait in line.

The Main Street Morgue located at
1325 Main was killed by the Power and Light District after our 2003 season. No money was given to any of the occupants that owned businesses in the area.
Being the oldest haunted house attraction in America, we had to move 25+ years of gear with no where to put it, and no money to do a new buildout.

In fact, in 2003, we put what we could salvage from Transylvania (1211 Grand) and the Morgue into our smallest house (formerly Nightmares @ 1327 Main) each of the rooms that year were named to honor
a former downtown haunted house.We miss them all. Each gave us years of enjoyment, horror and fun:
Chamber of Forbidden Terror
Dr. Deadly's Haunted Hospital
Gallery Of Terror
Haunted Hotel
Dungeon of Death
Mortuary Mary's
Misty Darkness

In Tribute....
Transylvania was known for featuring:
  • Haunted Carnival
  • Frankenstein's Lab
  • The Boogie man
  • Swinging Bridge
  • Ice Cavern
  • 3 Story Slide
  • Really being haunted with real ghosts sceen on occasion.

Nightmares Haunted House
The building was formerly an ASYLUM for the criminally INSANE.

But the inmates broke loose, slaughtered their keepers and are now running things THEIRway!

A place where Cannibalism, Torture and Death are just business as usual !!!

The Main Street Morgue RIP